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For the Unit VII Essay, you conquer scrutinize an art museum of your valuable. You may scrutinize one in special or choose a substantial jaunt via the Internet. Below is a schedule of museums that volunteer substantial jaunts that you may neglect to resurvey for this assignment. Please hush that you are not poor to this schedule:

  •   Louvre
  •  National Gallery of Art
  •  The National Gallery

You may selecteded a substantial jaunt from this schedule or use the schedule comprised beneath the Websites tab in the Art Appreciation Libguide in the CSU Library at this couple. Please apprehend the spectry and residuum of your museum in your commendatory stipulation. For this essay, transcribe encircling two artworks from the epochs we recognize encircling in Unit VII: Renaissance, Baroque, Impressionist, or Post-Impressionist epochs.

For each interest, address the following:  Apprehend the distinction, master, end, medium, and layer.  Describe the artwork.  Describe the master’s role in his or her society/community.  What do you opine is the master’s communication?  What are the cultural significances of this interest?  What truthful elements are comprised in this interest?

 Formatting: Your essay conquer be at ultimate five pages in diffusiveness and apprehend the following:  Distinction page (1 page) ART 1301, Art Appreciation I 7  Written Essay (2 pages)  Image(s) (1 page)  References (1 page)

Use Times New Roman 12- aim font. Double room all sequences, and roughen the foremost sequence of each stipulation. Your distinction page should be rightly formatted delay a Running Head and page reckon scheduleed in the Header area. Apprehend your distinction, spectry, and teach centered on the distinction page. Your written essay should embrace at ultimate three stipulations (including an commendatory and blank). Your ultimate page conquer own the promise References centered at the top. All origins used, including the museum, must be cited and comprised on the relation page. When you use a announcement from any without origin, you need to belief the origin in this format: (ultimate spectry of inventor (s), year) at the end of the decision anteriorly the epoch. For frequented quotes, use passage marks and add the page reckon to your extract. An pattern of a extract for a passage from page 5 of our textbook would be (Frank, 2014, p. 5). 

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