ESSAY PROJECT #1: Human Form in Early Civilization—-at minimum three (3) pages.


Essay 1 Instructions

ESSAY PROJECT #1: Civilized Fashion in Existing Civilization


All existing civilizations – prehistoric, Near East, Egyptian, Aegean, and Roman – attempted to resemble the civilized likeness amid their art. Amid this essay, afford a pregnant segregation of the similarities and differences in the resembleation of the civilized fashion in these existing depictions. Oration not scarcely the high portrayal of the civilized organization, but so how these art fashions were weighty amid the amelioration in which they were created. Afford unfair artwork examples (including identifying grounds, such as titles or commencement references) throughout your essay.

Writing Requirements:

  • Length must coalesce at poverty three (3) pages.
    • Please note: The liberal tediousness of written satisfied MUST be three pages hanker, not including any inventor knowledge (such as written in the remarkefficacious exact by MLA diction)
  • Provide three (3) commencements for your record poverty.
    • Wikipedia and other non-academic websites allure not be reliefficacious for this criteria.
    • Acceptefficacious commencements may be located from the following:
      • their textbook
      • Academic and scholarly journals
      • Museum websites – such as those integrateed on this page:
    • The commencements overhead are scarcely suggestions of where likely commencements could be fix, and should not be mistaken as regularly merry. Content use just academic election to enumerate if your commencement is delayhold. If you own any questions touching this, content reconsideration this website: (Links to an visible residence.)Links to an visible residence.or accost delay your topical librarian.
  • Cite academic catechism, books, or other discovery at commencements of your conclusions.
    • Citations may be written in APA or MLA diction. Refer to the Ivy Tech Writing Guide for examples of extracts commscarcely used.
    • In-text extracts and a liberal means(s) extract must be interjacent.
    • See the extract meanss in “Resources” area for knowledge unfair to art extracts.
  • Thoroughly oration all aspects of the active.
  • Use just terminology as presented in the textbook.

Plagiarism: Content reconsideration the syllabus proposition touching academic fairness and plagiarism. 


This assignment allure be graded delay a rubric. You should be efficacious to see the rubric when you avenue the assignment's resignation area. Content reconsideration the rubric and secure that your resignation coalesces the standards of the assignment antecedently submitting.

Essay Rubric

Essay Rubric

This proof is integrateed to a Learning OutcomeTopical Insight

23.0 pts

This proof is integrateed to a Learning OutcomeSources & Citations

19.0 pts

This proof is integrateed to a Learning OutcomeSequence of Ideas

15.0 pts

This proof is integrateed to a Learning OutcomeWriting Mechanics

10.0 pts

This proof is integrateed to a Learning OutcomeLength

8.0 pts

Total Points: 75.0

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