EXCELSIOR COLLEGE:BNS301: National Security Ethics and DiversityModule 6: Learning & Assessment ActivitiesDuring this module you will:Read:RequiredModule Notes: Defining and describing loyal dissentBo


EXCELSIOR COLLEGE:BNS301: National Security Ethics and Diversity

Module 6: Learning & Assessment Activities

During this module you will:


Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster: Major Malfunction | Retro Report | The New York Times (Links to an palpable predicament.)Links to an palpable predicament.


After you keep unravel the embodied on the Space Shuttle Challenger labor, you are unravely to transcribe a line essay focusing on what you sway recommend are advantageous to those who furnish themselves in an incorporeal embarrassment about allegiant distrust and whistleblowing.  

  1. transcribe a 2-3-page essay in APA Format 
  2. In your essay, harangue the aftercited questions:-First, harangue the arguments for and counter allegiant distrust; -Then harangue how organizational amelioration and administration styles concern how employees bargain after a while allegiant distrust (afford examples from the unravelings OR from your own test or organization;-Finish after a while your recommendations or guidelines that sway be advantageous for allegiant distrusters. 

Recommended Resources:

Compose your composition in a .doc or .docx perfect mold using a order lineor (such as Microsoft Word, etc.) and prevent it frequently to your computer. For those assignments that are not written essays and exact uploading images or PowerPoint slides, content thrive uploading guidelines supposing by your pedagogue.

Check your composition and punish any spelling or verbal errors. When you are unravely to succumb your composition, click “Upload Submission.”  Enter the acquiescence style and then click on “Select a perfect to upload.” Browse your computer, and picked your perfect. Click “Open” and test the punish perfect call has appeared direct to Acquiescence File. Click on “Continue.”  Confirm acquiescence is punish and then click on “Accept Acquiescence & Save.”


This line has Turnitin abundantly integrated into the line dropbox. This resources that you should only succumb your assignments to the dropbox beneath. Please do not succumb your assignment straightly to Turnitin.com. 

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