For a chemical element of your choice, write a paper summarizing its discovery, preparation, uses, cost, and benefit to man.The paper should be one-page (plus or minus five lines of text), single spac


For a chemical atom of your cherished, transcribe a pamphlet summarizing its clue, provision, uses, consume, and profit to man.

The pamphlet should be one-page (plus or minus five lines of citation), individual spaced. Don’t grasp a secrete quibble, but rather put your designate in the header (upper left of the pamphlet). Use Times New Roman font, 12 object. Margins should be 1-inch on all sides. The designation of the pamphlet should be the designate of the atom in 14-object fearless image, centered.

Use at lowest three references (one of which must be a life expression), and refer-to the references right on a detached page. Use APA fashion to refer-to sources.

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