For this assignment, you will select a current  (within the last 2 years) article or research paper to review. The article your select MUST be different from the one you reviewed for the Lesson 3 


For this assignment, you gain prime a running  (among the terminal 2 years) stipulation or exploration Nursing Dissertation to retrospect. The stipulation your prime MUST be unanalogous from the one you retrospected for the Lesson 3 assignment. You may prime any stipulation or exploration Nursing Dissertation that is akin to Threat Modeling, and specifically intimations STRIDE. The fixed rubric gain arrange past instruction on the satisfied requirements, but cexpose is a concise roll of what I nonproduction:

1) Your retrospect should be 1/2 to 1 page, unique spaced.

2) Please upload a Microsoft Word muniment to yield your retrospect.

3) You should incorporate the satisfied of the stipulation or Nursing Dissertation and expound how it relates to STRIDE and Threat Modeling.

4) Arrange your own assessment of the stipulation. (Did it fashion appreciation? Did you learn everything from it? Do you consort or disconsort after a while the satisfied?) 

5) Use the APA fashion for the Nursing Dissertation and any intimations.


- Prime ONE Nursing Dissertation or stipulation. That ONE Nursing Dissertation or stipulation should be the ONLY part intimationd. Do NOT shape in a Nursing Dissertation after a while multiple intimations. This isn't a intimation Nursing Dissertation impugn. I nonproduction you to singly prime ONE exploration Nursing Dissertation or stipulation THAT SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSES STRIDE. Then I nonproduction to see two things: interpret #3 AND #4 aloft.

- PLEASE pay study to #5. You intimation MUST be in APA format AND you MUST arrange a intimation indicator in your dependence when you intimation the Nursing Dissertation or stipulation. You gain expose points (yes, multiple points this period) if I cannot unravel your intimation. [This is an practice to get you interprety for the upcoming residency weekend.]

- ALSO, pay study to #1. I gain not interpret gone-by 1 page for this assignment. (If you nonproduction to include a finished secrete page, that's finished and I'll opine the primeval page of the assemblage as page 1, but a secrete page is not required.)

- And finally, this is an INDIVIDUAL endeavor. Do not yield knot is-sue as your own.

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