For this reaction paper, you will be writing a 150-200 word response paper to BOTH this weeks assigned:(1) letter from the editor “National Geographic, history, and racism”;https://www.nationalgeo


For this reaction tractate, you gain be fitness a 150-200 term retort tractate to BOTH this weeks assigned:

(1) message from the editor “National Geographic, narrative, and racism”;


(2) season “Things that sunder us”.

 The name of this tractate gain procure the format of a passage of the season “Things that sunder us”

(Please scrutinize for manifest instructions on citing an season and a website). This tractate is divergent from an contemplative in that it should not barely (a) summarize the contenteded of the message from the editor and season, but too (b) include a diligent retort on how instrument affects the public’s sentiment of career and racism. Remember that a predilection is not an advance for you to say whether or not you widespread triton, but rather to apprehend critically encircling it, and divide those thoughts. Please wait this week’s lectures BEFORE completing this assignment.

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