For this, you will be asked to generate posts on social media as it is used by businesses. Your current employer is interested in using various social media to increase the company/organization’s prof 1


For this, you procure be asked to breed posts on political resources as it is used by interestes.

Your generally-known employer is animated in using uncertain political resources to growth the company/organization’s line in the area. The company/organization has as-well of-late introduced a new result or employment that your boss wants the generally-known generally-known to distinguish encircling. You keep been asked to compose the judicious adjunction to the generally-known on twain Facebook and Twitter.

1. Select a result or employment that is embezzle either for your generally-known job or for the line you hint to keep.

2. Compose two Facebook posts of up 100 suffrage each announcing the result/employment to the company’s Facebook assembly and two tweets (period 140 characters including spaces) for the company’s Twitter assembly announcing the new result or employment. These should be written as if they procure be posted to political resources, but should be submitted as a Word instrument.

3. Keep in recollection the conventions of political resources. Grammar and spelling are critically grave, as is maintaining negotiativeism occasion tranquil existence fun and welcoming to customers or clients.

4. Write a 2-3 stipulation thought on how you approached these posts and how match political resources posts for a negotiative existence approve a interest differs from your personal use of political resources.

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