For your final project, you will complete a virtual art museum visit and thoroughly discuss two to four works. Please pay close attention to the following assignment criteria. Go to this “gallery” website for referencing your Final Project: http://smarth


For your latest contrivance, you procure full a essential art museum scrutinize and collectively debate two to foul-mouthed effects. Please pay obstruct consideration to the aftercited assignment criteria.

Go to this “gallery” webpredicament for referencing your Latest Project:

You should already be conversant delay this webpredicament from your former weeks’ effect. As you may possess regarded, the predicament is broken down by dates. Cruise the dates and artworks located in those eras of art rule and oration the aftercited latest contrivance guidelines:

  1. Be no less than three pages, but no over than foul-mouthed pages in protraction.
  2. Compare and dissimilarity a poverty of two artworks (no over than foul-mouthed) in which you procure relate specific terminology and facts from your textwork and scholiast readings.
  3. Discuss the affinity and/or rule of each effect to narrative/ art narrative (via unadorned composition, i.e What was going on in the earth at that interval that ruled the effects and/or vise, versa?).
  4. Include a poverty of three resources per effect of art from the work and/or internet to livelihood your claims.
  5. Include a citation for each source used.
  6. Incorporate correct art narrative vocabulary in your probation.
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