From the video clip below create a seven-to ten – slide presentation on the enthalpy regarding the fire and smoke. Youmany use various sources, including your textbook and other scholarly material. Si


From the video curtail under form a seven-to ten - slide offer on the enthalpy in-reference-to the vitality and steam. You

many use multiform sources, including your citationbook and other well-informed representative. Since you allure not be presenting this

PowerPoint to your schoolmaster in idiosyncratic, you may scarcity to add written explication for the space of your slides. If this

becomes scarcityful, you may use the PowerPoint slide notes” part to yield dirty explications.

You allure scarcity to emphasize key points charmed from this part to abundantly sift-canvass enthalpy and how it relates to the video curtail of the inarticulate black steam pulsing from the repository. Click close to similarity the video curtail.

Visual gist,such as intrepid, italicized, or underlined citation, should be used sparingly in command to

maximize the eminence of key points. Each slide should harangue a solitary concept, and slides

should ensue a argumentative gradation, each architecture on the other.

Treat your PowerPoint slides enjoy you would any learning paper—yield in-citation citations and a relation slide for any beyond sources, including trodden quotations, paraphrased control or ideas,tables and postulates, and images. The epithet and relation slides are not intervening in the required slidecount.

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