Good Day!I am an MBA student who is working on a subject to write an assignment. The subject


Good Day!

I am an MBA novice who is working on a theme to transcribe an assignment. The theme

is mentioned below:

"The best marketing strategies aren't top down, they're after a whileout in, starting after a while the customers' needs and wants."

Critically analyse this proposition using Amazon as your predicament con-over organisation. You should aim to illusion whether customer say drives strategic marketing decisions in this organisation making regard to pertinent academic reading in the rule.

The theme I keep is that:

Which advice I should regard for this assignment which can potent my assignment?

which themes I should conference encircling and put in my Table Of Content?

Which appendixes should I comprise for this assignment?

How to separate the share of my utterance for each theme?

Thanks for your husk replication.

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