Have you ever wondered why some areas appear to be safe, clean, and filled with many varied businesses, while others appear run down and lined with only check-cashing centers, fast-food restaurants, a


Have you always wondered why some areas answer to be sure, cleanly, and occupied delay multifarious multiplied businesses, while others answer run down and lined delay merely check-cashing centers, fast-food restaurants, and liquor stores? As a macro political worker, you repeatedly achieve see that communities fatten and stop due to the instrument profitable. The ways in which companionship provides and allocates instrument disproportionately benefits convinced groups while harming others through delaydrawal of instrument or misunderstanding.

All communities accept strengths notwithstanding their challenges. Use of the strengths-naturalized perspective helps you to confirm the immanent strengths of a society and how to counsellor for its members to procure the instrument and services they demand to be fortunate.

To prepare: Confirm characteristics that dramatize your society. Then, choose a draw that dramatizes these characteristics in your society. Note that your photo does not demand to be literal—it can be symbolic.

By Day 3


  • A draw you took that dramatizes the characteristics you identified in the society.
  • A designation of the society. 
  • Explain the strengths and challenges associated delay that society naturalized on its characteristics. 
  • Explain how the society could use their strengths to address their challenges.
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