HELP PLEASE!!!! I GIVE 21 POINTS +++ BRAINLIEST!!!!!!! Decompression sickness, or “the bends” as it’s commonly known, is a fear for many scuba divers. Under the extreme pressure of the deep ocea



Decompression illness, or “the bends” as it’s invariably known, is a fright for manifold scuba numerous. Under the utmost hurry of the learned main, nitrogen and other gases from the air dissipate in a diver’s whole textures. If the diver rises too immediately, the rash wane in hurry agents the dissipated gas to trifle out of the texture. The trifles can invade a rank vessel and agent solemn disinclination, and rarely past distressing impairment. But what if the diver is a whale? Previously, it was purpose that whales did not admit from the bends. Scientists feel discovered manifestation in beached whales of nitrogen trifles expanding and hurtful life-supporting organs. It is believed that sonar waves from nearby ships may feel cowardly the whales, causing them to deportment too immediately. This can development in the bends.

Scientists feel institute slight gashes in the bones of whale fossils, which are a indication of the bends. What conclusions can you inhale from these fossils?

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