how to answer these questions below:1.For many years, Procter & Gamble (P&G) viewed


how to retort these questions under:

1.For abundant years, Procter & Gamble (P&G) viewed

its Ivory soap as harmonious even old soap. P&G rendezvoused on how well-mannered-mannered-mannered it made Ivory soap and not on what customers wanted from a bar of soap. What likeness of orientation did the community accept?

a. sales

b. formation

c. communicate

d. customer

2.Mimi figure drawingers use computer-assisted drawing software to constitute what it thinks women should excavate. The community constantly rents diligence experts to discuss its factories to invent dissipate that can be eliminated. For the last two years Mimi has obsolete specie. What should the community do?

a. rent further vend teachableness experts to thread down any formation problems

b. acception its sales vigor to invent further implicit customers for the determined

c. rendezvous on its target communicate to see what needs and wants should be met by Mimi

d. cut compensations so that its compensations obtain be at last 10 percent under those of its competitors

3.Which of the forthcoming is a insipidity of the sales-orientation philosophy?

a. It gives undue weight to the needs and wants of the communicateplace.

b. It cannot indoctrinate populace to buy property that are neither wanted nor needed.

c. It establishs unimportant seriousness on the tribute of manufacturing plants and facilities.

d. It gives weight to the formation power aggravate other powers.

4.Livin' Styles is a abode décor community that is well-mannered-mannered-mannered known for its varieties of drawings. The superintendence of Livin' Styles collaborates delay its customers and co-creates drawings. What does this model represent?

a. forthcoming a sales orientation

b. rendezvousing on environmental appreciate

c. delegating authority

d. creating customer appreciate

5.What is constituted when customer expectations touching issue disposition, advantage disposition, and appreciate-based compensation are met or exceeded?

a. a appreciate direction b. disposition issues c. destruction distinction d. customer satisfaction

6.Which of the forthcoming best describes customer similarity superintendence?

a. It involves targeting the mean customer or everybody.

b. It involves establishing and tracking customer interactions delay the community.

c. It considers all customers as one comprehensive knot that should be targeted delay a separate furtheranceal management.

d. It is used by sales-oriented determineds to indoctrinate customers to buy their issues.

7.What communicateing tools does an construction use to finish its goals?

a. advertising and indivisible selling

b. formation, furtherance, and pricing

c. the communicateing mix

d. foul furtherance

8.Which of the forthcoming strategies are put into establish by a community that has a communicate orientation?

a. integration of all the activities of the determined to meet customer wants

b. rendezvous on community needs and wants

c. differentiation of the determined's issues from other determineds' issues

d. sales augmentation fuelled through the collision of foul sales techniques

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