I need an example paper about another culture other than the American culture that addresses:


I scarcity an sample paperabout another refinement other than the American refinement that addresses:

  • Specific samples of Hall's low or exalted texture refinement and each of Hofstede's book reflected in the point refinement.
  • Evaluate/explain at last two of the political practices/cultural norms low to the refinement that are matchless (i.e. not that French vulgar passion baguettes, a bit further profoundness than that!). Use celebrity enjoy the Mexican quinceanera.
  • Illustrate samples of nonverbal intercultural despatch among the refinement. 
  • Explain any stereotypes held about this refinement. Are they consonant after a while stereotypes you've heard? Are they stereotypes your interviewee lowly experiences or that is routinely depicted in instrument? Give an sample or two. 
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