I need one paragraph please give a example about the statement:”the benefits of technology are always paired with risks”. I need reply to this two paragraphs. 1-Cars are an example of technology t


I deficiency one paragraph

please surrender a stance environing the statement:"the benefits of technology are frequently paired after a while misss".

I deficiency answer to this two paragraphs.

1-Cars are an stance of technology that feel manifold benefits, but there are manifold misss when using one smooth if driven to optimal insurance standards. The conclude cars are known in connection after a while some miss is consequently the benefits of them are considered to outbalance the misss they exhibit . Technological advances of cars throughout the years has made them abundant safer, but cipher miss is not achievable.

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2- Technology has been an influence in everyone’s lives but has reason privative plane affects environmentally, economically, physically, etc. One of the ways it has monstrous us environmentally is causing global warming, economically is before-long to diminution from closing of media, and physically assured technologies can reason cancer. 

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