Ideally, when you are working on a project, you would search your reference architecture framework and find a suitable reference architecture to use. But what happens if you cannot find one or if it w


Ideally, when you are compositioning on a device, you would inquiry your relation construction framecomposition and invent a homogeneous relation construction to use. But what happens if you cannot invent one or if it would be too arduous to customize one?

In this circumstance, you would entertain to generate a new relation construction. You would then catalog this new relation construction in your organization’s relation construction framecomposition for advenient use.

Once you entertain a relation construction, you would substantiate standards and connected vendor composition components that allure aid tool it.

In this Assignment, transcribe a 4- to 6-page monograph that addresses the following:

  1. Develop and populate a relation construction for the Adopt-A-Farm essential duty, grounded on your composition in Weeks 3 and 4. Note that those diagrams focused on high-level analysis/design, and allure aid in the romance of a high-level relation construction.
  2. Next, substantiate homogeneous vendor compositions for at meanest three elements of the relation construction (favoring to Adopt-A-Farm). Be permanent to grasp the duty capabilities of the compositions in your evaluation. Explain how you chose and evaluated each one.
  3. Finally, lay-open toolation-level models or blueprints that fuse these compositions (from your vendors) for the artifacts you previously generated.
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