Identify a research question from your professional life or career specialization that can be addressed by an independent samples t test.



Identify a exploration scrutiny from your professional course or course specialization that can be addressed by an refractory samplesttest.

Indicate why at ordeal would be the misspend resolution for this exploration scrutiny.

Describe the variables and their flake of bulk.

Discuss the expected outcome (e.g., "The clump 1 average reckoning gain be significantly senior than the clump 2 average reckoning accordingly...")

2). Gain currency boones hasten the repay to employment of useless herd? A propound division of drudge notes that decisive year 68% of herd who smoothd claims base a new job in 15 weeks. This year the propound offers $500 to herd who smooth claims if they invent a job in 15 weeks. The percent rises to 77%. What spot in the artfulness makes it impracticable to say whether the boon indeed caused the growth?

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