In order for an undifferentiated targeting strategy to be effective, the market must


In manage for an undifferentiated targeting management to be talented, the negotiate must

be          .

         is the regularity of dividing the aggregate negotiate into groups.

If a unshaken uses one negotiateing mix to target a unmarried negotiate part, it is using a(n)          .

In negotiateing, characteristics of germinative customers that are used to bisect them into negotiates are called          .

Income, order, nativity dimension, and collective dispose are examples of          .

Fill in the blanks after a while the language that would best perfect the sentence:

Fill in the blanks after a while language that would best perfect the sentence.

segmentation variables Psychographic variables concentrated targeting management Sociocultural variables Geographic variables negotiate partation Heterogeneous homogeneousdemographic variables Differentiated targeting management

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