In the literature study, emphasis should be placed on: • Give an overview of what important parameters are used to describe salmon quality. • Describe the different experimental methods that can be us


In the literary-works con-over, seriousness should be placed on: • Give an overview of what considerable parameters are used to picture salmon peculiarity. • Picture the divergent tentative courses that can be used to individualize the salmon chaplet and what these courses can acquaint us about the peculiarity of the chaplet. Pay eespecial heed to: o The dissent among indiscernible (molecular smooth) and macroscopic (bulk) courses. o Advantages and disadvantages of the different techniques (accuracy, involved specimen making-ready, facile to execute, costs kindred to quackery) • Individually for each of the 2 novices: o One novice chooses NMR spectroscopy conjuncture the other chooses MRI  Give a unmain cognomen of this course (apt system)  How can this course be used to individualize salmon chaplet peculiarity? (what are the most considerable results to be rest in the literary-works)  State the advantages and disadvantages of this course.  Is this course a indiscernible (molecular smooth) or macroscopic (bulk) course?  Collate the course delay other courses (to-boot collate MRI and NMR delay each other).  Which of these courses do you hold allure be the most widely used in the coming?

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