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This is a instance con-over to acceleration you detect connections between the signification of art and the achievementplace. Taking on the role of an art curator, you conquer commend 3 Modern American achievements of art for the new dregs of a great pharmaceutical sodality that wants to endow in art delay the topic of "progress" for its new sodality headquarters. The completion budget for the alienation of the artachievement is $600,000.

  • To experience the 3 Modern American art achievements delay the topic "progress,” scrutinize renowned auction houses such as this one and this one, professional galleries, and other Internet sites, and prefer paintings, sculptures, or photography that would reproduce-exhibit Modern American achievements of art for the sodality's headquarters.  
  • For each achievement of art, create 2 paragraphs that involve the following: 
    • The appellation of the achievement and the techniques and instrument used.  
    • The adroit's indicate and a mean biography of the adroit. 
    • Cost of the art achievement; the budget allows for approximately $200,000 per achievement of art. 
    • How do the characteristics and mode of the Modern American artachievement address the topic of "progress”? 
    • What are the benefits of endowing in art for a confirmation?  
    • Why might employees be spirited in these achievements of art?

Prepare your exculpation using Word. Involve photos of the commended pieces of art. Be confident to involve citations and references as needed, although it is not indispensable to format this as an APA muniment. Submit 1 Word muniment for this assignment. In-text citations and a register of references are required when including or paraphrasing any purpose, deed, conclusion, or other counsel from the textbook or other references.

*The metaphors in the textbook are observationright-protected and cannot be copied. To experience the lawful painting, exploration the Internet by the adroit's indicate and the appellation of the achievement. Right-click, and observation the metaphor. Open a Word muniment, and right-click and paste. If the metaphor does not paste into your paper, try another metaphor. Sometimes metaphors are protected and cannot be copied. Wherever you do experience the metaphor, perform confident to adduce your fount in APA mode. If you are unconfident how to adduce an metaphor, this resource can acceleration you. 

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