industrial Ergonomics case study 1


Select one of the three NIOSH Health Peril Evaluation Reports listed adown, and effect a censorious segregation of the narration.

Option 1. Health Peril Evaluation Report, HETA 2010-0114-3168. (2012). Ergonomic Evaluation of Surfacing and Finishing Tasks during Eyeglass Manufacturing – Minnesota.

Option 2. Health Peril Evaluation Report, HETA 2010-0008-3148. (2011). Ergonomic and Safety Climate Evaluation at a Brewery – Colorado.

Option 3. Health peril evaluation narration, HETA 2007-0098-3061. (2008). Ergonomic Evaluation of Frank Hangers at a Turkey Processing Plant - California.

Your condition consider revisal must apprehend the aftercited headings per APA guidelines:

  1. Introduction –Provide a term of the chosen condition. Describe the issues of the condition, and aver the resolve for the brochure.

  2. Methods – Aver the evaluation criteria used in the NIOSH HHE Report.

  3. Results – Present the findings from the Health peril evaluation.

  4. Recommendations – Describe the recommendations for improvements.

  5. Discussion – Revisal appropriate literary-works on the scrutiny. Does investigation help the recommendations of the condition?

    In abstracted, are there any other issues of matter?

  6. Conclusion – Present your comments on the condition. What did you gather in this revisal? What further would you affect

    to accept seen discussed in the narration? In open, your own opinions should simply be apprehendd in this exception.


Your acceptance to this assignment must be four to six pages, double spaced, and 12 summit font (different appellation page and relation page are not apprehendd in the page elongation). The assignment requires that you use your textbook and at smallest two other relations and readings which pertain to the theme in scrutiny. CSU requires that students use APA mode for brochures and projects. Therefore, the APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed. A muniment appellationd “Citation Guide” is conducive for you to download in the Learning Resources area of the myCSU Student Portal. It may also be accessed from the Student Resources incorporate on the Course Menu of Blackboard. 

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