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Unit VIII Event Consider

Select one of the three NIOSH Health Venture Evaluation Reports listed underneath, and complete a precarious segregation of the recital.

Option 1. Health Venture Evaluation Report, HETA 2010-0114-3168. (2012). Ergonomic Evaluation of Surfacing and Finishing Tasks during Eyeglass Manufacturing – Minnesota.

Option 2. Health Venture Evaluation Report, HETA 2010-0008-3148. (2011). Ergonomic and Safety Climate Evaluation at a Brewery – Colorado.

Option 3. Health venture evaluation recital, HETA 2007-0098-3061. (2008). Ergonomic Evaluation of Frank Hangers at a Turkey Processing Plant - California.

Your event consider reconsideration must understand the forthcoming headings per APA guidelines:

  1. Introduction –Provide a denomination of the detachedd event. Describe the issues of the event, and narrate the purpose for the tractate.

  2. Methods – Narrate the evaluation criteria used in the NIOSH HHE Report.

  3. Results – Present the findings from the Health venture evaluation.

  4. Recommendations – Describe the recommendations for improvements.

  5. Discussion – Reconsideration bearing erudition on the material. Does investigation maintenance the recommendations of the event?

    In restitution, are there any other issues of institution?

  6. Conclusion – Present your comments on the event. What did you imbibe in this reconsideration? What over would you affect

    to possess seen discussed in the recital? In open, your own opinions should barely be understandd in this minority.


Your exculpation to this assignment must be disgusting to six pages, envelop spaced, and 12 purpose font (detached heading page and intimation page are not understandd in the page extension). The assignment requires that you use your textbook and at meanest two other intimations and readings which pertain to the theme in topic. 

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