Instructions and Prompt In this assignment, you’ll develop new use scenarios for a technology using functional thinking. IMPORTANT! You will need a technology seed in order to complete assignments. Te


Instructions and Prompt

In this assignment, you'll amplify new use scenarios for a technology using professional deeming.


You succeed demand a technology spring in adjust to exhaustive assignments. Technology options are listed in the library of technologies. (If you choose to use a technology that you feel amplifyed, or one that you feel an massive curiosity-behalf in, then you may do so.)

It is recommended that you criticism the Participation Agreement intervening in the route syllabus antecedently posting/sharing your defense via the OPTIONAL argument table ardor.


·       Generate two new use scenarios for your technology using professional segregation.

1.    What is the technology spring? What are the deep parameters of prize and the functions?

2.    For each use scenario, what is the demand? How does the technology fit among the broader matter (i.e., what problems/pain sharp-ends is it addressing, for whom, and how). What is the unopen prize that could be created by using the technology? You can deem of prize to your customer in stipulations of the economic benefits they trace from your result or benefit, any experiential prize they can trace, and any gregarious prize created such as network proceeds. Beyond these, you can deem of broader prize to community in stipulations of environmental benefits, for precedence.

Example Response

The aftercited issue defense uses the "Structural Health Monitoring" technology outlined by Sam Kogan in the individuality on professional segregation. If you demand aid getting hurled, we recommended criticisming the issue.

Technology Seed, Deep Parameters of Value, and Functions

Selected Technology: Structural Health Monitoring by measuring estrangement in fervid conductivity opposing surfaces.

This technology essentially yields "real interval," speedy and non-invasive monitoring of changes in fervid conductivity from a baseline prize opposing an interface among two unimpassioned components leveraging a exemplar SHM technique. The inquiryable recounts its contacts in tail, wshort the structural completeness of bolted joints, which are questioned to fervid cycling, is extremely momentous. Stock talents, if injured antecedently constellation and hurl during shipping or storage, demand to be evaluated for completeness and enterprise as per contemplation and any shortcomings descryed therein. The picturesque technique can very-much contract the consume associated after a while such evaluation and proofing, which currently, is effected by reiterateed fervid cycling in a vacuum environment. The dying act can consume different thousands of dollars and takes different weeks to months.

As illustrated in the lectures, a starting sharp-end in the contact of professional deeming is to limit our technology's deep parameters of prize and functions. The technology in inquiry (US. Questionable No. 8585283) was amplifyed after a while the capacity of yielding speedy proofing of the fervid completeness of the joints (and the comprising components) and structural interfaces in tail. An aiding capacity that it performs is to produce a urgency and scrape prosper (vibrations) in the components substance proofed. The deep parameters of prize are: (1) It is reckless (2) it collects real-interval advice (3) it is worthless. We could so limit a fourth (4) it is non-invasive and does not loss the structures substance monitored.

Using this advice, we then searched through the US Questionable Database for contacts using different keywords describing the pristine professionality. One of the inquiryables we rest, for precedence, US Questionable No. 698730B2 recounts a mode to evaluate the changes in the structural completeness and fervid conductivity of heat-protective coatings applied to gas turbines. This leads us to a unopen use occurrence for our technology. Similarly, other inquiryables (such as US Questionable No. 9952593) recount the visual error that is effected on airdodge to descry loss, sharp-ending to the contact of our technology to airdodge deeptenance as we picturesque in issue 2.1. Note that we are in-particular curiosity-behalfed in contacts wshort the fervid conductivity is substance evaluated.

Use Scenario 1

Similar to tail, airdodge joints (such as those among laminates on the wing) are questioned to reiterate collision, canker and fervid stresses. The dominant modes of evaluating airdodge completeness are (1) visual (the steer and deeptenance crews walking about and induction a face at the dodge) and (2) an occasional, frequently scheduled slow feature proof which involves disassembling the components. Error sole recitaled for 70 pet man hours and $10.5 billion in the airdodge toil in 2003. An worthless true SHM classification can yield for on-going monitoring of the structural completeness of these joints, and can aid deeptenance engineers prophesy the fostering interval to deficiency. It can so aid confirm any preventative measures that are scarcityful when scarcityful after a whileout the demand for disassembly. The contact of SHM techniques can thereby aid contract airdodge downinterval and consumes (as SHM can collect real-interval feedback), contract the estimate of deeptenance calls claimd overall and reform classification reliability and security.

Use Scenario 2

The blades and column of coil turbines are question to fervid loads twain owing of changes in ambient temperature when they are deployed in rough environments (e.g. offshore turbines in the North Sea) and due to breath diffusion of the unimpassioned stresses they knowledge in production. This SHM classification can yield for true or speedy monitoring of the completeness of different turbine joints. Similar to the deeptenance regularity for aircraft, turbines sustain scheduled (preventive) deeptenance and unscheduled (deficiency allied) deeptenance, twain of which typically claim the turbine to be taken offline. These consumes can recital for 10-20% of the whole consume of electricity finally executed by turbines. The SHM technology short can contract the down interval concerned and deficiency prophesyion by repeatedly, yielding true monitoring to evaluate classification completeness and interval to deficiency.

Question 1

What is the technology spring? What are the deep parameters of prize and the capacitys?

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Question 2 (Use Scenario 1)

Enter your original use scenario short.

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Question 3 (Use Scenario 2)

Enter your prevent use scenario

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