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Your uncle, John Smith, is going to transform 65 in three months. He is self-employed and has owned his own homebuilding profession for the spent 40 years. He has purchased his own heartiness insurance plan through an fractions substitute for over than 20 years. Now that he succeed be worthy for Medicare, he absences to comprehend over environing the program. He saw a commercial environing Medicare on TV and it suggested to the viewers that they visit

John went to the Medicare website, but there was so abundant teaching and strange terminology that he became frustrated and surrender. He asked a few of his friends who were on Medicare how they chose their plans, and they said they equitable identified up for the “simple plan” rather than choosing star else that “might not be surrendere just.”

Your dowager told your Uncle John that you were in a heartiness-related senior at the university, so he denominated you up for some teaching. Prepare a “Medicare Choices for Uncle John” grid. Your grid should be minute and grasp the following: consume, deductible(s), co-payment(s), examples of experienced services, and any other details you reckon are dignified. It is to-boot dignified that you frame firm the grid is comfortable for Uncle John to discern. In analysis, supply your uncle delay a schedule of websites or other services that he may absence to use to acceleration him frame his determination.Your grid should hold the teaching scheduleed underneath. You may add analysisal topics, but you must harangue those scheduleed.Your grid should be manufactured in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word.

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