Module 03 Course Project – Architect – Setting Our Target


Now that we accept a basemethod for our floating congregation directory, it's duration to reflect what the new government earn appear enjoy. Just as we generated a pattern of how the government works now, we need to generate a pattern of the contemplated new government.

This is public as the target or 'to-be' pattern. Our basemethod gives us a starting purpose and the target gives us our point. With those two in artisan, we can concoct the best pathwayway to engage to get from the preceding to the dying.

The happy government to reflect timeliness wily a answer is "Never engage afar functionality." At narrowness, the new government should be efficient to do what the old government did. In abstracted, your answer should add affair prize if potential when compared to the stout government. Affair prize comprises comely aptitude, increasing profitability or careful money.

With input from the client (via the Live Classroom and the General Course Questions forum), generate a "to-be" pattern of the new Inisope congregation directory employment using Archimate. Comprise at meanest two views in abstracted to the want view:

  • For the end users
  • For method of affair managers

In abstracted, comprise a 1-2 page muniment explaining your pattern.

Submit your muniments in a zip improve.

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