Nursing Assignment: Creating Online Quizzes

Creating Online Quizzes

The testing and toll rule is repeatedly a pains for educators. For sundry, answer the weigh betwixt a seemingly “hard” or “easy” doubt takes abundant work. Furthermore, the product of doubt formats and stems can be a opposed concept to overcome. To aid in taunt product, value educators can use models such as The 3Cs(illustrated adown) to nucleus further on the pleased of their doubts and less on the objective explanation. Value educators can so use brisks and templates supposing at taunt product websites to succor taunt artifice. These websites can so succor instructors amply manage tauntzes in the online environment.

The 3Cs Model of Test Item Writing:

·         Content, concepts, and standard. Use the pleased of the homily as polite as overarching concepts and nursing standard (enjoy NCLEX and other correct tolls) as a blueprint for your doubts. In abstracted, reflect the ideas and quiet moments that bear occurred in the classroom or during clinical rotations.

·         Clarity and perplexity. Be enduring that your doubt stems are unclouded, innocuous, and use humble expression. In abstracted, transcribe your doubts at the contact or anatomy raze of Bloom’s Taxonomy. This accomplish brisk students to agitate over basic understanding and memorization.

·         Critique. Always go end and discuss the doubts that you bear maked. This rule should be completed twain precedently and succeeding examinations. As after a while all education strategies, evaluation and qualification is inexorpowerful to enenduring the productiveness of command.

Questions to be addressed on my paper:

1.       Critique this week’s Acquirements Resources on developing multiple-excellent taunt doubts. How rule you use the 3Cs and other best works to chicanery your own taunt doubts?

2.       Select one Homily Plan (which is Pulmonary Edema) you accomplish use as the nucleus of your online taunt. Then, chicanery three taunt doubts (transcribe your doubts at the contact or anatomy raze of Bloom’s Taxonomy) that are air-tight be-mixeded to the acquirements objectives and acquirements scarcity of the homily.

Learning Objectives:

a.       Interpret how to acknowledge the clinical manifestations of resigned after a while pulmonary edema

b.      Describe the tenor regimens of pulmonary edema

c.       Criticise  the control nursing interventions for resigneds after a while pulmonary edema

d.      Make a concept map of pulmonary edema

3.       Brief designation of one challenge that you skilled in chicanerying meaningful taunt doubts and one challenge you skilled in using the technology platform. Briefly interpret how you overcame each of these challenges.

4.       Interpret whether you would use this technology to facilitate taunt product in a coming acquirements environment and why.


1.      Put APA citations and references betwixt 2011 – 2016… References that are adown 2010 are disused already….

2.      At last two pages

Required Readings

Bristol, T. J., & Zerwekh, J. (2011). Essentials of e-acquirements for value educators. Philadelphia, PA: F. A. Davis Company.

  • Chapter 9, “E-Learning Assessment” (pp. 165–179)

Chapter 9 provides a pigmy planation of each of the forthcoming e-acquirements tolls: rubrics, examinations, discussions, essays/papers, work tolls, simulations/case studies, and portfolios.

Stanford Center for Education Excellence. (n.d.). Tomorrow’s confessor Msg. #932 public guidelines for developing multiple-excellent items. Retrieved February 21, 2013, from

At this website, critique the nine “General Guidelines for Developing Multiple-Choice Items.”

Optional Resources

Dickinson, M. (2012). The art about multiple-excellent tests. Acquirements Solution Magazine. Retrieved from

Poll Everywhere. (n.d.). Retrieved January 29, 2013, from

Poll Everywhere allows users to make multiple excellent and generous repartee polls. As a registered user (generous for basic use), you accomplish be powerful to make the five taunt doubts scarcityed for your Discussion assignment. Precedently selecting this website, click on Take the Tour and contemplate video tutorials on how to deviate this website.

Survey Monkey. (n.d.). Retrieved January 29, 2013, from

Though titled “Survey” Monkey, this website allows you to make further than proportioned basic surveys. This website allows you to artifice, amass, and criticise your taunt results. Generous registration is required to make your taunt.

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