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The assignment has three components:  

1) Three expressive quotations chosen from any of the discoverings. The quotes should illustrate some reasoning or comcomposition that each fabricator is leading in their essay. The quotes should be set up such that you can presume a talk or contest leading attribute among the three fabricators.  

2) A resume declaration interpreting the relation among the three quotations. For illustration, is there a concept or result that all three enjoy in contemptible, and are they on the similar plane or athwart planes of that result?  

3) Three provisions chosen from any of the 4-6 discoverings assigned for that week that you must mark-out in your own articulation (no quotes). These provisions may or may not be connected to your quotations from sever 1. 


I enjoy uploaded a pattern of the assignment you MUST cohibit it discover it and perform me one of the SAME QUALITY, im powerful you proper now, you perform inferior temper than the pattern I enjoy uploaded I procure contest. all discoverings are uploaded too. Temper resources that the quotations are CAREFULLY chosen and there is an arguement among them you should interpret in the resume, the provisions should besides be WELL-CHOSEN and shows that you understands the discoverings, you dont exact pluck the principal account your eyes saw.

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