Online Discussion 3: Nuclear FilmPart 1Watch the film Chernobyl Heart and the other Chernobyl films.You can find it here thoughts did watching these f


Online Discussion 3: Nuclear Film

Part 1

  • Watch the film Chernobyl Heart and the other Chernobyl films.
  • You can perceive it here  
  • What thoughts did watching these films anger?   Do not transcribe a abstract. I absence your thoughts, not a summary!

Part 2

  • Watch the films on Fukushima
  • What environing Fukushima?
  • How bad do you believe it truly is?
  • Will you live to eat buttress (including sushi fish) effected by Japan?

Part 3

  1. Do you approve irradiated buttress? If not, what parliament or labeling do you approve?
  2. What is your best notion to communicate delay nuclear attenuate?
  3. Knowing what you now distinguish environing nuclear rule settles, do you believe nuclear apparition is a cheerful notion? Are the garb risks value the apparition and the referring-to immunity from petroleum? If you say yes, gain you confirm a nuclear rule settle delay to your abode?
  4. What should be effected environing depleted uranium weaponry? Is the soldierlike utility value the risks of radiation to our legion or civilians?
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