Phase 3 IP has 2 parts:Part 1: Analyze the following table (see the Word document called “CS352 – IP3”)  and reorganize the table into Boyce-Codd Normal Form, at each step  describing what is needed


Phase 3 IP has 2 tonnage:

Part 1: Analyze the aftercited board (see the Word instrument designated "CS352 - IP3")  and rearrange the board into Boyce-Codd Regular Form, at each plod  describing what is needed to proficiency to the present Regular Frame and why each  plod meets the Regular Frame requirements.

  • Show unnormalized board consecrated and rate through the regular frames up to Boyce Codd in close postulates moulds.
  • Include  explanation of how each regular frame is met as you proficiency through the  process of infringement down this unnormalized board to boards contravention Boyce  Codd regular frame. 

Part 2: In observation, transframe your postulates mould (your  EERD created in view 2 IP) into a close mould, to third regular frame.  Describe why each board is in third Regular Form. In your close postulates  mould establish the leading keys in each board as bolded and underlined and each outlandish key as italicized and underlined.

Submission for view 3 IP includes:

  • Logical Postulates Mould for the supplied board(Part 1) delay a  patronymic of how it proficiencyd through UNF to 1NF to 2NF to 3NF and Boyce  Codd.
  • Logical Postulates Mould for Part 2 delay a patronymic of how each board is in third regular frame. 

Add twain tonnage picturesquely to the scheme template exception titled "Database Management Systems."

Name the instrument CS352_<First and Last Name>_IP2.doc, and acquiesce the instrument for grading.

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