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Target Marketing 

please decipher a profession-to-consumer (B 2C) or profession-to-profession (B 2B) association that uses target marketing. Please decipher the list: 

  • Briefly usher-in the association you bear selected in merit card services or audit.
  • Gather examples of its activities and products that food its profession pattern. Remember to right refer-to and allusion the sources of instruction you meet. You should bear at last two allusions from profession-related or information websites. 
  • Explain each of the indelicate bases for segmenting consumer markets or each of the five bases for segmenting profession markets. 
  • In the association you chose, recount which of these bases for segmenting markets is used, and recount how the clarified segmenting options are achieved. 
  • Examine how these factors wave the promotional strategies of your selected association. 
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