Please follow directions of each post.Answer each forum accordingly and separately and attach correct references to the corresponding  forum. African American History Choose 1 question and answer30


Please ensue directions of each shaft.

Answer each forum pleasantly and individually and employ improve references to the corresponding  forum. 

African American History 

Choose 1 doubt and answer

300 language minimum 

First wake the PBS video:

Reconstruction: A Moment In The Sun :

Choose one of the underneath for your main shaft. Correplication to at meanest one tyro who answered a opposed doubt from you. The answers should end from your textbook, the disquisitions, videos, and the elaboration you conducted in the Library.

1) Give inferential, analytical examples of how the ex-slave sociality expert to plug the aggression of African Americans behind the Civil War.

2) How did African Americans corcorreplication to the end of fatality and the realities of insubservience? How did southern whites corcorreplication to the mislaying of their slaves and the slave-fixed husbanding?

3) Analytically represent the dispute in Congress balance Reconstruction. What was the issue? How did the laws and policies passed interest the South?

4) Analyze why Reconstruction ended.

5) What role did the KKK and the Red Shirt militias illustrate in southern politics during the 1860s and 1870s?

Last part: At the end of your shaft fascinate criticise in one portion on what you possess scholarly that was new, vast, and interesting. .


250 language minimum 

Attachment underneath

Week 7 Forum: Blank of Pamphlet and Traits of Academic Writing

This forum has two space.

Part 1:  Conclusion (after a while portico for texture):   First, using the advice from this week’s required balbutiations, draw and shaft the blank to your elaboration pamphlet. While there is no set tidings stipulation for this assignment, your blank should supply plentiful seclusion for your pamphlet. You are encouraged to try one of the techniques outlined in the disquisition notes to fashion a extraordinary blank.

Post your portico (or a revised declarement) from conclusive week as courteous-mannered.  Be unmistakable to corcorreplication to the shaftings of at meanest 2 of your classmates, providing them circumstantial feedend on the usefulness of their blanks.

Part 2:  Traits of Academic Writing:  Referring end to the traits of academic congeniality signed by Thonney in the forum for week 4 (and pasted in underneath), transcribe a portion thought on how you expert to enunmistakable your pamphlet reflected those traits. 

In her new expression in Teaching English in the Two Year College, Teresa Thonney outlines six trutination features of academic congeniality:

Writers corcorreplication to what others possess said environing their subject.

Writers declare the appraise of their result and make-known the contemplation for their pamphlets.

Writers defend that others influence misfit after a while the standing they’ve enslaved.

Writers inoculate a language of authority.

Writers use academic and organization biased glossary.

Writers emphasize testimony, frequently in tables, graphs, and shadows. (348)

In your exculpations to others, extend your views of their blanks as courteous-mannered-mannered as their reflectings environing the traits of academic congeniality.

Posting Instructions

Your judicious shaft is due no succeeding than 11:55 pm ET Thursday and should be betwixt 250 and 300 language; you


250 language minimum 

Assigned balbutiation: Chose  one underneath 

Dr. Pawar, “Post Modernism and English Literature: What Is Shaft Modernism?”

James Joyce Biography

James Joyce, "Araby"

James Joyce, "Eveline"

James Joyce, "The Dead"

T. S. Eliot Biography

T. S. Eliot, "The Love Lay of J. Alfred Prufrock"

T. S. Eliot, "The Wasteland"

Regina Rudaityté, “Postmodernism and After: Visions and Revisions”

The forum for this week addresses the third acquirements objective:  Produce an pristine view fixed on assigned erudition.

Select one of the assigned balbutiations for this week and discover a division of art or melody which you impress connects to or represents the balbutiation. Your preference may end from any age in truth. If you chooseed a division of art, fascinate apprehend a cited connect to an shadow of the division. If you chooseed a lay fascinate apprehend a cited connect to the lyrics or an auditory declarement. In your exculpation sift-canvass how you see the gauzy or melodyal division as relating to the balbutiation (you may insufficiency to judge characteristics of Post-Modernist congeniality as courteous-mannered-mannered as the unadorned texture if needful).  

Transportation Logistics Management 


Globally Optimized Operations

International Logistics

Forum -  You may choose out one subject or diverse subjects to sift-canvass.    Each week the judicious shaft allure apprehend a reflecting and end after a while a doubt for the other tyros to ruminate.  

To be judgeed corporeal, your replication should add significantly to the sift-canvassion by construction on others' criticises, pointing out similarities or differences in your endgrounds or line expectations, etc.  One or two doom exculpations such as "Hi, welend to the line!" or "I impress the selfselfsame way" are not delectable.  

Instructions:  Your judicious shaft should be at meanest 250 language.

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