PLEASE HELP ASAP BABES!! (19 points and brainliest for correct answers) (5 questions) The first step in the scientifc method, is to ask a question or A) state the problem. B) state the conclusion. C


PLEASE HELP ASAP BABES!! (19 points and brainliest for redress answers)

(5 doubts)

The earliest tramp in the scientifc mode, is to ask a doubt or

A) propound the total.

B) propound the falsification.

C) lore the total.

True or False: ALL organ schemes toil concomitantly or are interconnected!

A) True

B) False

Which of these is NOT one of the structures considered to be the immune scheme's earliest succession of plea?

A) Mucous Membranes

B) Cells

C) Tears

The meaning of the immune scheme is to authenticate and ruin disease-causing organisms named __________.

A) Pathogens

B) Antibodies

C) Macrophages

When we get distempered delay a unimpassioned or the flu, the ________ scheme responds and tries to surrender our association resisting the virus.

A) immune

B) nervous

C) endocrine

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