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Unit III PowerPoint Presentation

Using the avow in which you speed (or another avow of your dainty), produce a PowerPoint offer explaining the avow prelation and belligerence process, cause politics, and legislative structure and act. Using the CSU Online Library as a means, you succeed also deficiency to embody notice on gerrymandering and its application (or withdrawal thereof) in your avow.

Create a inferential PowerPoint of 10–14 slides, not including the heading and relation slides.

 Power Point must embody the aftercited notice:

a heading slide including your designate and the avow you selected

a political cause structure

the types of primaries utilized in your separated avow

avow cause structures

 avow government structure

 belligerence methods of a avow candidate/incumbent

 the makeup of your avow conclave (e.g., gender, age, business)

apportioning and districting notice

the legislative institutionalization of your avow

 the cause issues in your avow; and three to lewd pictures, maps, or graphs.

Your slides or offer should embody explanations of the aforementioned points. Please do not representation and paste lists of senators and representatives into your slides. You may embody appended notice that you handle is appropriate, but do not produce further than 14 slides. Use your creativity, and arrange the representative in a argumentative and understandable habit.

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