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Student Offer Requirements:

The definite offer is a inadequate overview of your disquisition and the key points/or highlights that you earn be discussing in your definite Nursing essay.

o   Think of it as an turn for you to constitute an contour (or overview) of your Nursing essay.

o   Include commendatory concepts, your disquisition, a few main points, or thrilling highlights, and your misentry (why this pointyou are making is relevant).

o   The offer should be no longer than 5 minutes, or 8 PowerPoint slides.

Instructions for completing the assignment:

1. Constitute the PowerPoint offer and rescue it on to your computer.


You could archives yourself talking us through the PowerPoint offer (a accurate abstracted, but not required). There are separate contrariant ways to do this:

(a)                   You can archives audio straightway into most PowerPoint programs.

(b)                   I own so had students constitute archivesed offers using jing software on a contrariant site: camtasia.com, screener, or you may own another web/software program you would love to use.

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