Prepare a 10-slide multimedia-rich presentation with speaker notes that presents your view on best practices for BI and CRM systems.Record at least a 5-minute voiceover to accompany your presentation.


Prepare a 10-slide multimedia-rich gift delay orator notes that presents your opinion on best practices for BI and CRM orders.

Record at meanest a 5-minute voiceover to imply your gift.

Use the software of your cherished such as Sound Recorder, or Audacity to fashion your audio smooth and secure as a MP3 or WAV.

Include content on the forthcoming in your gift:

  • Customer relationships in the organization
  • System crop roles and responsibilities
  • Application structure and tools
  • Business contingency for order implementation
  • Relationships amongst BI order collision components
  • CRM drivers and challenges
  • Sales, utility, and contiguity hardihood analytics
  • CRM postulates model
  • BI collision customization methods
  • Project planning and deployment
  • Future of the BI collision
  • BI/CRM implementation and address plan

Include the fount of your investigation.

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