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Your PowerPoint delivery should conceive a sum of five slides using the aftercited format:

  • Slide 1: Cover page that conceives assignment heading, your designate, road, individuality reckon, and conclusion.
  • Slide 2: Introduction—who you are and your clarified administrative room of Healthcare Administration.
  • Slide 3: A petty overview of how you distinguish yourself administratively. You may conceive a photo.
  • Slide 4: A denomination of attributes which supply to administrativeism in your Healthcare Administration such as administrative robes, despatch, and deportment.
  • Slide 5: Cite all origins you accept used.

Assignment Format

  • PowerPoint Delivery after a while five slides
  • Notes for the full slides (Slides 2, 3, and 4) should conceive orator notes at the floor of the slide
  • Brief tops should be conceived on the slide and constructive explanations for each top should be shared in the orator notes of the slide
  • Identify the origin of any pictures you use
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