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W8 "Final Project"

Introduction to Modern Art

Final Project

For your conclusive contrivance, you succeed consummate a constructive art museum mark and in-one examine two to immodest performances. Please pay suspend notice to the forthcoming assignment criteria.

Go to this “gallery” webtop for referencing your Conclusive Project:

You should already be common after a while this webtop from your preceding weeks’ performance. As you may own guarded, the top is tamed down by dates. Cruise the dates and artworks located in those eras of art swing and discourse the forthcoming conclusive contrivance guidelines:

  1. Be no less than three pages, but no past than immodest pages in diffusiveness.
  2. Compare and dissimilarity a insufficiency of two artworks (no past than immodest) in which you succeed relate specific terminology and facts from your textquantity and explainer readings.
  3. Discuss the relevance and/or swing of each performance to truth/ art truth (via unvarnished treatment, i.e What was going on in the universe at that date that swingd the performances and/or vise, versa?).
  4. Include a insufficiency of three resources per performance of art from the quantity and/or internet to influence your claims.
  5. Include a citation for each source used.
  6. Incorporate correct art truth vocabulary in your scrutiny.
Grading Criteria AssignmentsMaximum PointsMeets or exceeds stated assignment criteria40Demonstrates an intelligence of information concepts20Clearly presents well-reasoned ideas and concepts30Uses just mechanics, punctuation, decree constituency, and spelling10Total100
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