Q1)You are to list 5 traits of a good safety leader which would make you want to follow them and create a work environment which is focused on safety as much as production and quality which 5 traits w



You are to register 5 traits of a cheerful security pioneer which would compel you nongenesis to supervene them and educe a is-sue environment which is focused on security as plenteous as genesis and capacity which 5 traits would they be? Register the traits in enjoin from most beneficial to meanest beneficial. (2). Be talented to arrange deposition (reasoning) as to WHY you chose these traits and WHY they would motivate you to nongenesis to supervene the security administrative or frontline superintendent security programming. 


Based on your examination of the is-sueplace security incidents how would you rank (1-5) the superveneing rationale for occupational security and soundness in enjoin of avail? Be talented to shelter your selections for rankings and judgment course.

  • Financial issue
  • Ethical/Moral Issue
  • Humanistic Issue
  • Public Soundness Issue
  • Legal Issue
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