Queen Latifah uses her star power to share her thoughts, messages, and confidence through radio, magazine, and television interviews. Now it’s your turn to get interviewed by the queen! For this assig 1


Queen Latifah uses her triton influence to divide her thoughts, messages, and reliance through radio, store, and television consultations. Now it’s your rotate to get consultationed by the queen! For this assignment, Queen Latifah has commemorative a course of video questions to aid you advert on what reliance is, why you scarcity it, and why it’s an requisite aptitude for your progress. You’ll so get a befoulment to examine someone in your own conduct who demonstrates reliance and decipher how it has collisioned their progress victory! In this assignment, you succeed... ● Decipher what reliance is and why it is an requisite aptitude for progress fruit. ● Decipher how someone in your conduct demonstrates reliance. ● Decipher how reliance has had an collision on the victory of that idiosyncratic. ● Advert on what you’ve read from the idiosyncratic in your conduct who demonstrates reliance. Follow the instructions adown to get tritonted on your consultation delay the queen! WRK110 Assignment 1 (revised 3/22/19) Page 2 of 4 Instructions: Step 1: Consummate the activities in your Webtext for Weeks 1, 2, and 3. ● Use the Webtext to apology consultation questions for weeks 1-3. Step 2: Download and edit your toil ● Download ○ After completing all the activities and templates in your Webtext, download your consummated assignment from the Webtext. ○ (*** You succeed scarcity to perfect all congruity templates antecedently you are effectual to download the consummate assignment) ● Edit Your Toil ○ Use the Strayer University Congruity Standards (SWS) to determine your congruity is absolved, administrative and divine. For over counsel on the SWS, connect to the SWS couple in the left face menu of Blackboard. Step 3: Comply to Blackboard Wait! Antecedently you comply your assignment, did you… ❏ Review the scoring train? The scoring train succeed afford you a absolved intellect of the assignment’s expectations. If you are unabsolved on what is expected of you, gladden gain out to your schoolmistress for aid. ❏ Check your assignment for real errors?

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