Reaction Paper 2: Humans as Primates For this reaction paper, you will be writing a 150-200 word response paper to either (CHOOSE ONLY ONE):This weeks assigned reading by Dr. Robert Sapolsky, “The


Reaction Brochure 2: Humans as Primates

 For this reaction brochure, you gain be communication a 150-200 account acceptance brochure to either (CHOOSE ONLY ONE):

  1. This weeks assigned balbutiation by Dr. Robert Sapolsky, “The girlish and the reckless” OR
  2. TED confabulation video by Dr. Susan Savage-Rumbaugh, “The tame cleverness of bonobos” (

 The inscription of this brochure gain assume the format of a extract (Please mark for plain instructions on citing an name and a website). This brochure is irrelative from an pictureless in that it should not merely (a) condense the satisfied of the name or video, but too (b) include a regardful acceptance environing humans as primates. What are primates? What makes humans primates? Remember that a sensibility is not an advance for you to say whether or not you favorite colossus, but rather to ponder critically environing it, and divide those thoughts. Please guard this week’s lectures BEFORE completing this assignment.

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