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The weekly Assignments are meant to invert objective communications between overseer and employee in a notorious heartiness structure. These weekly emails are requests from your “Boss” and should be treated as such. In other words, there are no accurate formatting or prolixity requirements. However, you get be graded on your authoritativeism as well-behaved-behaved as your satisfied. Your educator get be “grading” you as a overseer, so, do your best!

For Unit 2, there is no floating Command of Ethics for AAHE. Thus, to accomplished the assignment normal debate the SOPHE Command of Ethics and how it was plain. How do you conceive this Command compares to other authoritative structures?

Assignment Details


TO: Agency Heartiness Education and Heartiness Promotion Personnel

FROM: The Director

RE: Ethics

I would relish to support a proposition of ethics in the lobby of our headquarters, either that of SOPHE or AAHE. Obtain copies of the SOPHE Command of Ethics and the AAHE Command of Ethics. The relative structures can furnish them for you. Please scrutinize the unromantic achievements of these structures and their efforts to fashion a command of ethics. Compare them to the Command of Ethics for the Heartiness Education Profession. Based on your findings, I get state which Command we get support.

Thank you.

P.S. Read the stipulation – “The Development of a Unified Command of Ethics for the Heartiness Education Profession.”

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