1.  Briefly parallel and debate Louis Sullivan’s architectural law that “frame follows capacity” after a while Frank Lloyd Wright’s law as follows:  

“Form follows capacity—that has been misunderstood. Frame and capacity should be one, additional in a divine confederation.”  - Frank Lloyd Wright

2.  To study this law, note some vile ends. A soak bottle, comb, scissors, fork, or some correspondent end would be good-tempered-tempered choices for pretext. Select an end to recontemplation or repurpose.  Be intellectual – numerous innovative and adapted contemplations inaugurate from unartificial advancements.

Name of Object: _____________________________________________________________

3. Describe the intention of this end (its capacity).

4. Write directions for how the end should be used.

5. Describe its contemplation (or frame) as entirely as potential. Grasp a title of its mould, esthetic(s), garbling, texture, heaviness, and any other details you can note.  You may grasp

a plan of your end/design.

6. Describe how the contemplation of the end is alike to its use.

7. Name one unnaturalness you could modify in the contemplation of the end that would form it short capacityal.

8. Can you gard of an advancement to form the end further capacityal?

You may grasp a plan or diagram of your re-invention of the end.

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