Risk Reduction Planning You are the senior risk reduction officer in your organization and your supervisor has asked for a presentation of objectives during your organization’s annual planning meeting


Risk Contraction Planning

You are the main betray contraction administrator in your form and your superintendent has asked for a grant of objectives during your form’s annual planning contravention. The contravention consists of five other main superintendence administrators of other divisions of your form. Your grant procure second the form in mapping out the programs that procure be funded and prioritized among the instant year.

Using the overhead notice as a influence, educe a 10-15-slide PowerPoint grant subject-matter should be on defective, prophylactic, or oppression (or favorite by the bigot).

Your grant and handout should thrive Steps 1–4 for program planning. It should palpably coalesce the thriveing objectives:

  1. Assess the needs of the population (Step 1). The needs tribute should confer-upon the top three betrays confrontment your fraternity and how you prioritize the betray you clarified for a betray contraction program.
  2. Description of who you procure solicit to be segregate of your advisory or planning committee and why this is great for luck of the program (Step 2).
  3. Present band-arms assertion of the projected program (Step 3).
  4. Write program goals and SMART objectives (Step 4). This should get determination producers after a while a very disentangled inclination for the program.

Research Pre-Work

Submit your pre-work parallel after a while the overhead Assignment at the end of Unit 3.


  • Your 10–15-slide fitness is barring your taking and intimation slides.
  • Include at lowest two sources to maintenance each of the trends in your grant.
  • Use one basic slide contrivance and layout.
  • Use charts and graphs as needed.
  • Limit slides to between 6 and 8 lines of pleased.
  • Use bullets for your main points.
  • Use orator notes to easily teach what is nature discussed in the bullet points as though you are confer-uponing to an auditory.
  • Assume you procure produce your grant to an interdiplomatic auditory.
  • Use APA citations on withhold slides.
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