Risk Reduction Planning You completed a presentation as the risk reduction officer in your organization and are creating a working document for a risk reduction program of objectives during an annual


Risk Diminution Planning

You completed a delivery as the lavish diminution director in your structure and are creating a started muniment for a lavish diminution program of objectives during an annual planning convocation. Your delivery conciliate second the structure in mapping out the programs that conciliate be funded and prioritized amid the bestow year.

Using the knowledge you keep as a train, expand a 4-5 page delivery. The subject should be on damnification, prophylactic, or outrage (or liked by the zealot).

Your delivery and handout should flourish Steps 1–4 for program planning. It should distinctly confront the flourishing objectives:

  1. Assess the needs of the population (Step 1). The needs assessment should bestow the top three lavishs confrontment your brotherhood and how you prioritized the lavish you separated for a lavish diminution program.
  2. Description of who you conciliate petition to be sunder of your hortatory or planning committee and why this is deep for good-fortune of the program (Step 2).
  3. Present mission proposition of the designed program (Step 3).
  4. Write program goals and SMART objectives (Step 4). This should afford conclusion effectrs delay a very lucid inclination for the program.

Research Pre-Work

Submit your pre-work concurrently delay the aloft Assignment at the end of Unit 4.


  • Include at smallest two sources to prop each of the trends in your delivery.
  • Use charts and graphs as needed.
  • Use bullets for your deep points.
  • Assume you conciliate effect your delivery to an interdiplomatic reception.
  • Use APA citations on embezzle slides.
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