ROMPT · Generate two different business architectures for one use case previously generated (in Section 2), thinking through each element, as outlined in the lectures. You should aim to: 1.



·       Generate two incongruous vocation structures for one use event previously originated (in Section 2), judgeing through each atom, as outlined in the lectures. You should aim to:

1.     Summarize each of your vocation propositions in two sentences; this is a "headline" that you would use to draw your stserviceserviceable straightway to investors or customers

2.     Capture your vocation/unoccupied standards using the frameeffect supposing below

·       Value Creation: How does your stserviceserviceable form esteem for your customers (i.e., what benefits would you arrange or what completion would you unfold)? Please try and quantify where potential.

·       Value Capture: How would you depromote return from the esteem you form?

·       Structure: How is your vocation and your esteem aid structured?

·       Assets: What facilities, equipment, anthropological excellent and other possessions would you scantiness to qualify your vocation?

·       Capabilities: What matchless strengths and abilities would you scantiness to qualify your vocation? How are these perplexing to invert?

Example Response:

Technology Description

Selected Technology: Structural Health Monitoring by measuring dissimilarity in fervid conductivity abutting surfaces.

This technology essentially allows “real season”, swift and non-invasive monitoring of changes in fervid conductivity from a baseline esteem abutting an interface between two effortless rudiments leveraging a measure SHM technique. The dubious draws its applications in cortege, where the structural completeness of bolted joints, which are subjected to fervid cycling, is exceedingly grave. Stock competency, if injured precedently galaxy and enlarge during shipping or storage, scantiness to be evaluated for completeness and exploit as per intention and any shortcomings detected therein. The drawd technique can very-much classify the absorb associated after a while such evaluation and examinationing, which currently, is compositiond by repeated fervid cycling in a vacuum environment. The perishing act can absorb distinct thousands of dollars and takes distinct weeks to months.

Business Structure 1 - Monitoring and Testing Products Provider

Value Creation: In this statement of our vocation, our elementary standard of creating esteem is to co-intention after a while customers solutions for fervid estate examinationing and monitoring scantinesss grounded on our technology. For each assiduity (rise after a while examinationing associate rudiment joints) we would prepromote our customers (a) season (and in the associate assiduity, this translates to distinct weeks and man-hours) and (b) coin (in the adjust of thousands of dollars). Can you quantify what these savings capacity be for other industries?

Value Capture: One way to delayhold esteem is by extremity - we would accuse customers for the intention employments and the decisive products that we use in clearing pertinent examinationing methods for their assiduity. Can you judge of why this standard is befitting for our esteem aid?

Structure: In this standard, we are chiefly a employments and equipment arranger. What we pronounce to our customers is the intention expertise to clear a pertinent examinationing methodology for their scantinesss grounded on our products and then the exactd equipment to press-against out such examinations.

Capabilities: The key capabilities exactd for our vocation is in engineering and expertise in fervid examinationing. As such, the engineering scholarship and expertise that our team possesses is the key power. Another key power of our stserviceserviceable is grounded on our technology itself - we are employmentserviceserviceable to pronounce low absorb, and hasty examinationing acts for our customers, which others after a whileout avenue to our technology may not be employmentserviceserviceable to invert. Note that we would scantiness to benefit subjoined capabilities in sales and other areas which would invigorate our vocation - our customers are specialized organizations, and we scantiness to grasp them through specific channels. Having the power to vend to such customers would be delicate.

We would to-boot scantiness to benefit, theoretically by clearing the exact relationships, the power to composition the equipment we would pronounce to our customers. This power is manifest in the understanding that we would scantiness to defend the concourse slender by not investing in manufacturing facilities, but rather established after a while curtail compositionrs after a while whom we can effect.

Assets: The key possessions in our vocation are (a) the engineering expertise and capabilities of our intention team and (b) the matchless psychological estate of our technology which is not replicserviceserviceable straightly. Note that we would theoretically scantiness to benefit other possessions such as subjoined IP by clearing our technology raise and past anthropological excellent on the sales edge.

Business Structure 2 - Technology Licensing

Value Creation: In this standard of our vocation, we would form esteem by allowing our customers, compositionrs and arrangers of fervid examinationing equipment and employments, to pronounce past esteem to their customers. We would do so by allowing them user of our odd technology to form meliorate products and employments. Can you judge how you would quantify this esteem?

Value Capture: Our instrument of capturing the esteem we originate is by an misspend licensing fees. Can you judge of how you would enter at the exact fees? It is beneficial to judge of it in conditions of the subjoined esteem that our customers (employment and equipment arrangers) could delayhold by using our technology to promote their customers aggravate the ‘lifetime’ of the examination.

Structure: As mentioned, we would be structured as an IP trade concourse. Taking custom of our team’s expertise in engineering and investigation, we should aim to raise clear our IP portfolio to clear newer technologies or subjoined applications of the technology that we could defend.

Capabilities: Our chiefly capabilities are our team’s power to clear pertinent and ‘state-of-the-art’ technology for fervid examinationing and monitoring that would be perplexing to be invertd. An subjoined power that we would exact is the power to defend our confrontings - for-this-reason, our power to dubious any technologies cleared is to-boot delicate. Finally, we would to-boot scantiness to benefit the exact sales capabilities - as our customers are intermittently specialized stables unoccupied in feature assiduity segments, it would be grave to confront and effectively husband the exact channels to grasp them and plant a compelling event for the use of our technology.

Assets: Our elementary possessions would be our psychological estate portfolio, our anthropological excellent after a while its pertinent expertise and decisively, any laboratory facilities we would scantiness to raise clear subjoined technologies and IP.

Question 1 - Vocation Structure 1

Enter your pristine vocation structure subject.

Question 2 - Vocation Structure 2Enter your prevent vocation structure subject

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