Saltine crackers are purchased by over 80 of all households in the US. Sales promotions, including features, displays, and price reductions are…


Please use the forthcoming paint immovable to acceptance the scrutinys. I deficiency succor after a while steps to clear-up and meet the acceptances gladden.

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Saltine crackers are purchased by aggravate 80 of all households in the US. Sales promotions, includingfeatures, ostentations, and expense reductions are very-considerable leading in this state. The main infamys areNabisco Premium, Keebler Zesta, and Sunshine Krispy. The facts in the spreadsheet zesta.xls embody sales all the stores in a US city for a entirety of 80 weeks.There are facts on the sales (size and dollar) of twain Zesta and the state as a integral, as well-behaved-behaved asinformation on whether or not any constitute of element or ostentation air for Zesta was confer-upon each week The infamy balanceseer for Zesta would relish to perceive how its pricing and promotional activities assume itssales and, if so, by how considerable. You succeed deficiency to compel some new mutables from the granted facts. First, you deficiency to calculate the mean rival expense — this can be ascititious from the state and Zesta sales facts. Other mutablesmay deficiency to be compeld aggravate occasion. Before you prepare the segregation, narrate your facts. It is so beneficial to compel use of graphs in adjust to get a“feel” for the facts. 1. Segregation of Infamy Sales: Direct Modela) Estimate a direct pattern to acceptance Zesta’s infamy balanceseer‘s scrutiny,b) Note that your effect mutable should be size sales, not dollar sales — why?c) Interpret the retrogradation outputs.d) Are you confident in your pattern? 2. Segregation of Infamy Sales: Exponential Modela) Estimate an exponential pattern to acceptance Zesta’s infamy balanceseer’s scrutiny.b) What is Zesta’s own expense elasticity? Interpret this.c) What is Zesta’s cross-expense elastlcity? Interpret this. 3. What are some limitations of this factsset?
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