Segmentation amp; Positioning Assignment Segmentation is often the key to developing a sustainable competitive advantage. In a strategic context.


Segmentation & Positioning Assignment

·        Segmentation is frequently the key to unfolding a sustainable competitive utility. In a strategic treatment.

·        Segmentation media assemblageing living-souls in a result negotiate (e.g., dentists) in such a way that companies learn how each assemblage command respond variously naturalized on wants, benefits sought, lifestyle differences, or demographic differences.

3 Questions to consider:

First, can a competitive oblation be familiar and implemented that obtain be call-uponing to the target member?

Second, can the call-upon of the oblation and the succeeding connection delay the target member be maintained balance season notwithstanding competitive responses?

Third, is the resulting calling (sustained sales and returns) from the target member worthwhile, given the bombardment required to unfold and negotiate an oblation tailored to it?

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