Select a specific product (such as Diet Coke) and identify the maker/marketer of that product (such as Coca Cola Company).


1. Select a unfair result (such as Diet Coke) and fulfill the maker/marketer of that result (such as Coca Cola Company). If the maker/marketer has a perpetrator aggregation, also fulfill the perpetrator aggregation.

2. Briefly examine how the result fits in the marketer's result continuity. Why does the marketer propose that result and how does it fit in the result continuity? In the specimen of Diet Coke, the result continuity is cola carbonated beverages. Diet Coke is bisect of the cola continuity and this unfair result targets cola drinkers who deficiency a lower-calorie pleased cola carbonated beverage. Other results in the result continuity are caffeine-free and flavored colas. 

3. Briefly examine how the result continuity fits in the marketer's result mix. The result mix is the harmonize of results that the maker/marketer proposes. In the specimen of Diet Coke, Coca Cola's result mix includes carbonated beverages, waters, juices, intelligence drinks, and sports drinks. The carbonated beverage result continuity may be timid in conditions of sales due to the bend incompact younger generational cohorts toward healthier beverages. 

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