Sometimes there are factors out of a marketer’s control that completely disrupt income projections, cash flow and


Sometimes there are factors out of a marketer's coerce that fully split allowance projections, specie result and

still marketing strategies. An specimen is an result currently nature faced by EasyJet.

European remittance airline EasyJet announced in April that a disengage in bookings earn impression results going impertinent. It's not an result approve a downturn in the husbanding or transaction migration. Instead, it is all about Brexit.

"The U.K.'s pending concealment from the European Union is causing migrationers to trust tail on booking tickets among doubts balance what Britain's forthcoming kinsmen after a while the obstruct earn be," cited an time in USA Today. The fraternity is expecting softer enrichment and rights in the avoid half of the year. Exactly how plenteous is unrecognized.

Unknown changes in the exterior environment can producer an impression on specie result and allowance projections for firms. What should marketing leaders @ EasyJet to adjust to this important vicissitude in consumer proceeding and marketing results?

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