Structural design – Civil engineering


Create a short user’s manage to your board (see adown) that includes:

  1.  Description of the expend use of the board, including all assumptions and limitations.  Provide references to conducive edict sections
  2.  Provide definitions and/or explanations of all ignorant stipulations and abbreviations
  3. Create graphics (minimum of one) to aid in the mind of the parameters used in the board.  Each parameter must be represented graphically.
  4. Include a representation of the board itself
  5. One specimen total, worked out in particular showing how to use the board
  6. Two exercises (not worked out) delay ultimate rejoinder.

Submit either .pdf or .doc/.docx file via BbLearnNotes:Submittal by Saturday at 6am earn fabricate you prime to be considered for 'best contrivance aid'.  One plan in each of the filthy categories earn entertain 5 extra reputation points towards homework action.Tables/ Topics

My terminal designate starts delay A, so elect Rafter board 2308.10.3(6)

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